5..4..3..2..1..Get it together!

Like many other person out there, I have problem with procrastination. Waiting until everything is perfect, instead of just applying the mindset of “done is better than perfect.”

It may sound simple but acting on it is a whole other level. You’ll need a massive upgrade in the daily reflections.

Me, for example, my perfect brain said that I just need to wait until everything is available and complete before starting something. I ended up doing nothing and waiting for a stone to hit me, it felt awful and helpless.

Ironic, I know.

Great things never came from comfort zones


I just had my birthday last July, I am officially 37 and I felt like crap (excuse me), its like I didn’t achieve anything in this past 30 years of my life.

I feel like I can do more, achieve something impactful to my life or others, and I know I could do that.

On the other side, I am grateful for everything that I am right now.

In another word, I am fine! (so far)

I beat myself up for about one week.

I feel bored and don’t know what to do.

Still feeling fine though.

Bumping to Mel’s TED talks, that I watched couple times before actually downloading her 5 Seconds Rule book, gave me a new insight about “feeling fine.”

I never really act on my great ideas. Too much overthink and ended up never doing it, everything is just written on paper and scattered everywhere (just like my mind).

If you’re thinking too much, you will never feel like it.

Mel Robbins

I decided to take action and start building Notion on July 31, it took me a whole two days to finish, I’ve change it for about 3-4 times out of confusions.

As I build, it hits me that I don’t really know what I want to do with my days, what I want to do tomorrow, what I want to do with my money, or , I don’t know what I want to post next on my channel (and even if I do, it took me a long time to act on it), or what I want to write in my blog, and ?? . . ??

So many question marks.

I think I’m lost.

A little frustrated about this.

I used to have a planner, only when I’m busy though, and only documenting about my appointments, mainly for work. So, if I’m not busy or on holiday, my planner goes blank. I never really have a personal plan.

Finally, my Notion was built. I finally design my own template and organizing it just the way I want. Then, another blank-mode, what should I put in there?

If you’re in a blank mode, just write other people tips 😅 it helps!

It took me few days thinking about how should I fill my Notion, until I found a class on Skillshare about creative writing.

Writing is something that I always want to get better at, but I never act on “you need A LOT of practice” (this is why I stay suck at writing blog posts).

Sometimes, I just sit there before my Macbook and after typing few words, I finally stopped-permanently.

I let my perfectionist side taking over during the process and didn’t practiced anything, especially writing, which I always had in mind.

That is also the “why” factor that my blog didn’t really have any content, especially the long and useful one. I’m sorry Readers.

So, I adapt the free-writing prompt that I learned from the Skillshare class. It’s quite simple and easy to execute, I am motivated enough to do this.

I just have to write about anything, and if I don’t know what to write or how I feel at the moment, I just write about it..”I don’t know how I feel right now..” en bla bla bla..

Plus, I use the Pomodoro to help me focus for 25 minutes.

I just need to write my mind out, everyday.

I’ve been doing it about two weeks now and yes! I think I’m going somewhere. I’m writing longer and longer everyday.

Before this prompt, I only wrote < 300 words before finally stopped, now I can write to +800 words with much satisfied feeling.

Now, I learn how to structured my blog post. I am learning to blog better.

I will share my thoughts here, of course. This blog is also a documentation of my milestones and you are my witnesses.

I will keep writing craps, it’s really getting me somewhere.

Trying to build my autopilot control.

It’s in the right hemisphere, they said. Doesn’t really matter which one it is, let’s just forget about the medical terms for a sec *😆

5..4..3..2..1 Get up and just do it!

Mel Robbins

Thanks for reading.

I will be back to write more about this app. Notion is free for personal use.

I hope you get inspired and doing something about it.

Please coming back for more. See ya!

*Sorry for the grammatical error (if any). Learn to be brave enough writing in English.

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