My 1st crochet stuff

Learning something new everyday is a fun thing to do. New experience, new excitement, and curiosity. I never thought that I will  crocheting ever again after those free-workshop  in the qui-qui market day about 2 or 3 years ago. It was a nightmare for me because I couldn’t do it. I can’t even make a chain correctly!

All of this time, I thoughtCrochet is not for me. Not my thing.”

Yet now, I change my mind, and I take it back!

I am crocheting, for the first time ever! I make something crocheted,  its a mini drawstring pouch. BIG applause for me. Learn it from a tutorial in Youtube and asking my sister how to do it ‘coz even the tutorial is crystal clear, I still can’t do it properly until my sister  showing me the yarn and hand movements directly and slowly (Oh my!). It is really an achievement, and I feel very excited. Curious to learn more stitch; right now, the most complicated stitch that I master is the double crochet (haha!) and I need days to master the magic ring.

This is really hilarious, I almost injured my left hand ’cause I’m trying too hard and haven’t found ‘my comfy position‘, also frequently blaming the innocent-hook, and forget how to yarn over. My hand still feeling really sore right now but I’ll manage and keep crocheting. Its just like sports. Muscle sores for the first few days, then you’ll feeling alright once you exercising regularly.   

BIG thank you notes goes to my sister, Ajeng, who always makes me wondering “how come she can do it and I don’t? we’re siblings!haha..and Thalia from Avocadolite for the inspirations, I adore that pointe shoe bags. Still wondering the stitch, yarns, and the pattern though..hehe. I’m not that good (yet).

1st pouch - eye level

1st pouch - top

1st pouch - with flower

1st pouch - bottom

1st pouch - white alone

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