How I Dried Wildflowers

“Okay, let’s post something that out of my league” I said to myself and voila, this is me posting “How to dry some flowers” which I already tried at home and turned out beautiful, makes me wonder how does a very simple methods can grow such a beauty, then I said again to myself “I have to take a picture and write something about this.” So, yes! it is definitely worth to be shared.

First time I saw this beautiful dried flowers is back few years ago when I visited the Onni House by accident. Didn’t expect there was a flower shop plus cafe in the back. I definitely spent my time to look around and find stuff for my photoshoot at home. At the time I only know few names of flowers, like baby breath (the one that I really wanted) and the very expensive cotton flower that actually looks like a cotton candy.

A long time due until recently reminded by a vlog that I’m subscribed on.

Let’s talk about the process. From few articles that I read on before doing the DIY, many suggest to select flowers with lower water content and because I pick some wildflowers from around the house and the neighbourhood, I have no Idea about the water content, I just paying attention on how big the stem is. Let’s put some logic to it, the bigger the stem, it will resorbed and contained more water. Haha…if that make sense. Plus, better to choose the bud-stage flowers, not the blooming one, because for wildflowers, the one that already bloomed are destined to be gone with the wind. 😊

Here comes the main part of the process. DRYING. Follow me..


This is the first method that I tried. Very simple and everybody can do it. What you’ll need are parchment paper or used newspaper, a string/cord, hook or hanger, and a bunch of patient. In this methods, you have to cut most of the leaves (you will want few leaves stay on the stem), then tie with the string, put it upside down on the rail or hanger or gallows, whatever you have in the house. Remember to always hang them dry in the dark room with minimal direct exposure of the sunlight, otherwise the colour will fade. You will need all the patient for 2-3 weeks, I like it better on the 4th week, you can hear the crisp sound of the stem after losing all of their water content.

dried flower - hang 1
dried flower - hang 2


Basically what we need almost the same but you’ll need to change the string and hook/hanger into a BIG book, I recommend a dictionary (especially the medical one 😅). Don’t even try to wash the flowers, you’ll need them as they are when you put it inside the parchment paper/newspaper, then slide it inside the thick book. Doesn’t matter what page it will be. Wait for around 3 weeks. I personally think that the pressed flower looks better than the hanged one.

dried flower - press 2
dried flower - press 3



Well, I haven’t try this method, yet but I’m gonna spill it out anyway so I don’t have to write it down again someday, plus you don’t have to searching for another articles out there because you got everything here. So, its a complete post. I make sure this is a reliable one. All you need is put your trust in me 😁. This method is perfect for fragile flowers with a lot petals or so much water content (like i said, the big stem). What you’ll need are silica gels (a lot of it), a plastic or glass container, make sure it has a tight lid and you’ll want a longer container if you want to keep the long stem of the flower. The technique is easy, you simply put the flowers inside the sand. Make the flower-sand sandwich 😎, seal the lid tightly, then put them to rest for about 2-7 days. Easy, no petal falls.


This method is an improvement of the silica sands. Same thing applied, you only need to add a microwave on the list. After you did all the process for the silica sand drying methods, you just need to put some water to wet the silica sand (not flooding) in the microwave-save container, then put it in the microwave. Wait for 30 seconds, get the container out, leave it to rest for 24 hours before you get the flower out.

When the drying process done, you can enjoy the flowers. Put it everywhere in your craft, doors, packaging, or flower arrangements. If you’re using it as a house decor, you still need to put minimal sun exposure to preserve the colour. If you want to store the dried flower to use later on, you can always use a parchment paper or used newspaper to wrap them, put it in a box and dry room.

dried flower - 1

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